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Water soluble fertilizer
Colouring water soluble fertilizer(5-8-45+TE)

[technical index] 5-8-45 + te

[product specification] 5kg x 4 bags / box

[total nutrient content of massive elements] 58%

[total nitrogen, phosphorus content] total nitrogen: 5%, phosphorus: 8%

[content of potassium and microelements] potassium: 45%, microelements: 0.2%

[boron and iron content] boron: 0.1%, iron: 0.1%

[applicable crops] it is applicable to economic crops and field crops such as vegetables, fruits, flowers, traditional Chinese medicine, etc.


This coloring fertilizer is made of high-quality raw materials, full nutrition, hormone free, water-soluble, and high nutrient utilization rate. It contains a variety of nutrient elements that can quickly promote the fruit expansion, make it evenly colored, with high sweetness, good taste, increase the hardness of the fruit, and extend the preservation period.

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