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3WQF120-12 Intelligent Suspension Plant Protection Drone

Quanfeng Aviation Plant Protection 3WQF120-12 Intelligent Suspension Plant Protection Dron

Quality is reliable

Quanfeng Aviation Plant Protection Drone is a plant protection machinery jointly developed by Anyang Quanfeng, Beihang University, with high efficiency,systemized structure, and other characteristics. Our drone have obtained the national inspection...

Strong profitability

Anyang Quanfeng is the first one set up aviation plant protect field work team in China, up to now, our plant protection team have already finished aviation plant protection service 8 million mu(53 ha) in Henan, Hebei, Shandong, Jiangsu, Anhui, Hainan and other provinces, including wheat, rice, corn, cotton, peanuts, peppers...

Free trainning course

Anyang Quanfeng have set a institution for customer pilots training,Anyang Taihang low altitude space application vocational training school, and after you purchase the drone you can enjoy the training lesson freely. Anyang Taihang training center is approved by the national civil aviation bureau, and the UAV...

Guaranteed after sale service

Quanfeng Aviation Plant Protection will continue to establish a regional 5S service network nationwide, to provide users with more convenient maintenance, maintenance and spare parts services.

Selling Drone with Insurance

Anyang Quanfeng selling drone with commercial insurance, provided by the China United Insurance Company.

ANYANG QUANFENG AVIATION PLANT PROTECTION TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD, short as ANYANG QUANFENG AVIATION, is an Agricultural aviation integrated service provider, we provided several kinds of services including designing, manufacturing, selling plant protection UA

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