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  Anyang Quanfeng Aviation Plant Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise of modern agricultural intelligent equipment. It cooperates with the first-class research institutes such as Helicopter Research Institute of Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, China Agricultural University, National Agricultural Intelligent Equipment Engineering Technology Research Center, and South China Agricultural University. Developed a variety of intelligent suspension plant protection products with independent intellectual property rights and international leading technology. In line with the trend of modern agriculture, the company launched the Bipu agriculture integrated service platform. Wang Yang, member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee and chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, visited the Quanfeng Aviation plant protection UAV seven times.
                             At present, Anyang Quanfeng Aviation Plant Protection Technology Co., Ltd. has completed the research and development of 3WQFDZ100-6, 3WQF120-12, 3WQF80-10, 3WQF125-16, 3WQFTX-10 and 3WQF294-35 agricultural UAV models with independent intellectual property rights. Production and promotion. Quanfeng Agricultural UAV has obtained dozens of national patents for agricultural achievements and agricultural UAV patents.
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Faith: Chengrun Garden, Fengda World.
Mission: Take Sunshine Flying Defense as its mission and build a first-class flying defense service platform.
Business philosophy: safety, focus, speed, value
Management policy: adhere to the hands-on training and service unwavering; adhere to technological innovation and product upgrades unshakable; adhere to the construction and improvement of the flight defense service platform unwavering.
Business concept:
Service concept: Service is the only way out; creating value for customers is the only way.

The launching ceremony of “Hundreds of Staff Skills Training” and Quanfeng “Million Flying Hands Training” in Anyang City was held in Anyang Quanfeng. On April 19, Wang Zhiguo, Chairman of Anyang Quanfeng, was elected as the China Agricultural Technology Promotion Association. The president of the club.
On April 28th, 2017, Anyang Quanfeng won the “National May 1st Labor Award”. On November 4th of the same year, “Ju Quanfeng, Creating the Future”, Anyang Quanfeng’s 20th Anniversary Celebration and Academician Workstation Unveiling Ceremony was held.


Quanfeng Aviation plant protection and Quanfeng Bio related products won the “2015 plant protection product contribution. On November 17, the same year, Anyang Quanfeng Aviation Plant Protection Technology Co., Ltd. was listed on the New Third Board.

Committed to creating a one-stop, all-round, standardized crop planting management solution platform for national agricultural growers

Quanfeng agricultural drone has obtained the results of the National Ministry of Science and Technology and dozens of national patents for agricultural drones.

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