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Weigh! The professor was elected to the Academy of European Sciences. He first proposed "Precision Agricultural Aviation" to lead agricultural aviation to a new height.

The European Academy of Sciences, Arts and Humanities (ESA) held an honorary ceremony for its academicians at 4 p.m. local time in Paris, France, on October 22. Dr. Lan Yubin, Executive Vice-Chairman of the National Alliance for Scientific and Technological Innovation of Aviation Plant Protection, Director of the Academic Committee of the Key Laboratory of Aviation Plant Protection of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Areas, Director of the International Joint Research Center for Precision Agricultural Aviation Drug Application Technology, and Professor of South China Agricultural University, was elected as the member of the The academician of the European Academy of Sciences was recommended by six academicians of the European Academy of Sciences, such as Ante Glibota, a historian of European art and architecture and Vice-President of the European Academy of Sciences. At the award ceremony, Professor Lan Yubin was awarded the Academician's Medal and Medal of Honor by Vice President Ante Glibota.


It is reported that the European Academy of Sciences was established in May 1980 with its headquarters in Paris, France. The European Academy of Sciences has set up departments of science, technology, medicine, philosophy, sociology, art and literature. It is one of the most extensive, academic and influential scientific organizations across regions and academic fields in the world. The European Academy of Sciences is committed to the formation of the most extensive scientific network among European countries, and carries out regular cooperation with national academies and international academies in more than 60 countries in the world. The European Academy of Sciences regularly organizes forums in European and global cities, concentrates on various thematic discussions, helps UNESCO to carry out the application of various expertise, assists the United Nations in formulating and issuing compilations of decrees, publishes reports and summaries, and contributes to world peace and development with its international benchmarking role in the scientific, literary and artistic sessions and the high ethics and wisdom of its members. 。 There are nearly 800 academicians of the French Academy of European Sciences, 86 of whom are Nobel laureates. At the same time, it also includes leaders from European countries. Russian President Putin and former French President Chirac are honorary academicians of the academy. Chen Zhu, former Minister of Health of China, and Wan Gang, Minister of Science and Technology, are academicians of the Academy.



Professor Lan Yubin has been engaged in the development and application of precision agricultural aviation, aerial pesticide application technology and aerial remote sensing technology for a long time. He has made outstanding contributions to American agricultural aviation, promoting the development and exchange of world precision agricultural aviation disciplines, especially the development of China's agricultural aviation and plant protection UAVs, and won the reputation of academician of European Academy of Sciences in 2018.

     Here, Quanfeng sincerely congratulates Professor Lan Yubin and thanks Professor Lan Yubin for his support and guidance to Quanfeng Airlines over the years. The Plenary Session will continue to insist on taking Sunshine Flight Defense as its responsibility and building a first-class Flight Defense Service Platform as its mission, so as to make new and greater contributions to the development of the industry.

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