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Water soluble fertilizer
Water soluble fertilizer with high nitrogen and potassium(20-8-28+TE)

Product name] high nitrogen and high potassium water soluble fertilizer

[technical index] 20-8-28 + te

[product specification] 5kg x 4 bags / box

[total nutrient content of a large number of elements] 56%

[total nitrogen and phosphorus content] total nitrogen: 20%, phosphorus: 8%

[content of potassium and microelements] potassium: 28%, microelements: 0.5%

[content of boron and zinc] boron: 0.1%, zinc: 0.4%

[applicable crops] it is suitable for economic crops such as vegetables, fruits, seedlings and flowers to achieve flower and fruit conservation.

[core selling point] Nitrogen Potassium double high formula. It has high fruit setting rate and fast fruit expanding speed.


Suitable for all kinds of fruit trees, leafy vegetables, eggplant fruit watercolor, traditional Chinese medicine, flowers and other economic crops and individual field crops.

The special formula of double high nitrogen and potassium is suitable for the early use of crop fruit preservation and expansion. It has bright colors, high fruit setting rate, fast fruit expansion, high quality fruit rate and economic benefits.

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