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Quanfeng Airlines Participates in China-Central and Eastern European Countries Cooperation 16+1 Agricultural Equipment and Investment Fair-Mostar Economic and Trade Fair

On April 10, in Mostar, the southern city of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Quanfeng Airlines was invited to participate in the special exhibition of Mostar Economic and Trade Exposition, the "China-Central and Eastern European Countries Cooperation 16+1" agricultural equipment and investment exposition. During this period, the Croatian members of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Vice-Chairman of the Council of Ministers, Salovic and Serbian President Vuccic visited the China Exhibition Area accompanied by my Ambassador to Bosnia and Herzegovina, Huo Yuzhen, Special Representative for China-Central and Eastern European Countries Affairs, Zhou Dong, Deputy Inspector of the Promotion Department of Trade Promotion, among which China Airlines, represented by Quanfeng Airlines Free Eagle, had no one to plant. The machine left a deep impression on it. The Bosnia and Herzegovina delegation sincerely hopes that Quanfeng Airlines will bring advanced Chinese agricultural technology into Bosnia and Herzegovina and help Bosnia and Herzegovina complete the transformation and upgrading of traditional agriculture.

Mostar Economic and Trade Fair is one of the largest economic and trade events in the Balkans. The exhibition lasted for five days and attracted nearly 500 enterprises from more than 20 countries and regions. The opening of the Agricultural Equipment Fair has attracted extensive attention from the local media and the public, and Bosnia-Blacks have shown great interest in Chinese enterprises participating in the Fair.

Quanfeng Airlines participated in the exhibition with Quanfeng Free Eagle Multi-Rotor Plant Protection UAV. Quanfeng Free Eagle is a well-tested star product in China's plant protection UAV market. It is far from the ranking of plant protection UAV ownership in China. Quanfeng Free Eagle has many characteristics, including built-in self-stabilization mode, GPS mode, autonomous mode and other control modes; support remote control mobile phone planning line and a variety of step-by-step functions; with anti-heavy spraying and other plant protection operation exclusive functions, spraying operation in one step, and so on.

Quanfeng Free Eagle supports autonomous flight. Through the background management software, it can also realize the functions of remote monitoring of aircraft, real-time statistics of operation acres, operation effect and safe flight. These functions will provide tremendous help in complex terrain operations in Bosnia and Herzegovina. In addition, Quanfeng Airlines has accumulated considerable experience in agricultural operations in China. Free Eagle is bound to be more proficient in conventional crop flight control operations such as maize and wheat.

Bosnia and Herzegovina is the capital of Sarajevo. It is located in the Balkans. The total area of Bosnia and Herzegovina is 51129 square kilometers. It is an important country along the "one belt and one road". Agriculture, energy and forestry are known as the three pillar industries in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Among them, agriculture is related to macroeconomic development, food security, employment and other important links. It is the main focus of its development strategy. Crop production represented by corn, wheat and potatoes plays an important role in the economy of Bosnia and Herzegovina.


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