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Wang Zhiguo, Chairman of Anyang Quanfeng Airlines, and Vice Premier Wang Yang shook hands for the sixth time

    In November 10, 2017, the first national "Internet +" modern agriculture new technology and new peasant entrepreneurship and innovation Expo opened in Jiangsu Suzhou International Expo Center. Wang Yang, the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and Vice Premier of the State Council, inspected the Shuangxin Shuangchuang Association and met again with the chairman of Quanfeng Airlines. This is the sixth handshake between Vice Premier Wang Zhiguo, chairman of Quanfeng Airlines, and the seventh visit by Vice Premier Wang Yang to Quanfeng Airlines.



Vice Premier Wang Yang said to Quanfeng Chairman Wang Zhiguo wittily, "Your aircraft has also come to the exhibition. The development of UAVs is really fast. In recent years, we have seen aircraft everywhere." Chairman Wang Zhiguo briefed Vice Premier Wang Yang on the development of UAVs in China in recent years.

Vice Premier Wang Yang of the State Council has watched the field operations of Quanfeng Airlines seven times, visited Quanfeng Airlines and visited Quanfeng Airlines Exhibition Hall. With the promotion of Vice Premier Wang Yang and Ministry of Agriculture, the plant protection UAV has developed rapidly. At present, there are nearly 15,000 agricultural UAVs in China, with an area of nearly 45 million mu this year. Quanfeng Airlines will continue to promote the development and system improvement of China Airlines Plant Protection. Aviation plant protection will become an important way in the field of plant protection.

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