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Quanfeng Aviation's New Breakthrough in Overseas Marketing

On September 7, 2019, Quanfeng Aviation and Togo E-agribusiness reached a strategic cooperation agreement, which made an important step in the development of  Quanfeng's overseas market.

During 30 August-7 September 2019, Mr. Etchri Edeh Dona, the CEO of E-agribusiness Company visited Quanfeng Aviation.

After a detailed investigation and in-depth communication, Mr.Etchri Edeh Dona highly endorsed the concept and mode of Quanfeng Aivations integrated agricultural services. Eventually, the two sides signed a memorandum of cooperation and purchased Quanfeng drone on the spot. The two sides agreed to cooperate deeply in the West African market to build an overseas model.

E-agribusiness is one of the most important agricultural service organizations in Togo and West Africa. It involves a variety of online and offline modes. Its main purpose is to promote the modernization of regional agriculture and rural areas. Its business covers many countries in West Africa.


Looking forward to the future, the two sides will continue to make efforts in the sales of agricultural drone, drone technical training, comprehensive agricultural plant protection services and other aspects to promote the Quanfeng model to take root in West Africa.

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