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African Agricultural Delegation visited Quanfeng Aviation

On August 8th,  Ephrem Bouzayhu, Minister of Ethiopia in China, Mr. Joseph Stephen Laizer, Counsellor of Tanzania in China, Mr. Sauka Chinji, Counsellor of Zambia in China, and accompanying officials, accompanied by Wu Yong, President of Henan Chamber of Commerce of Sino-Africa, visited Anyang Quanfeng Aviation . Cheng Yaqiao, President of Henan Pesticide Management Association, Wang Quande, Secretary-General of Henan Pesticide Management Association, and Yang Yang, Assistant of Chairman of Quanfeng Group accompanied the visit.


The delegation first visited the exhibition hall of Quanfeng Aviation . The staff introduced the development of Quanfeng Aviation in detail, and the performance  of Free Eagle ZP and DP. Subsequently, they watched the flight demonstration. Under the guidance of the staff, they experienced the operation of Free Eagle ZP. Everyone greatly appreciated the intelligence of Quanfeng agriculture drone.


At the symposium, the staff introduced the history of  Quanfeng Group, the main business sector, the advantages and the trend of plant protection drone. And  exchanges deeply with the members of the delegation on the cooperation  in the future.


Members of the Delegation pointed out that African countries attached great importance to agricultural development and actively introduced a series of relevant policies . Moreover, the vast land of Africa is very suitable for the development of agriculture drones, and the application of plant growth regulator products in increasing crop yields in Africa. They welcome Chinese enterprises to carry out technical cooperation in agriculture and promote the development of agriculture in Africa. It is hoped that in the future, the two sides will conduct in-depth exchanges and cooperation in the field of plant protection drone, and work together to promote the development of African agriculture.

This visit to Quanfeng aviation, which is a concrete embodiment of the company’s good reputation  help expand the overseas market of  plant protection drone, and  lay a solid foundation for promoting the new opportunities, and  the internationalization of Quanfeng Group.

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