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Intelligent Agricultural Service
Intelligent Intergrated Agricultual Service

Modern Agricultural Plant Protection is a Systematic Engineering. with many years experience of Quanfeng Aviation in plant protection industry, now we have formed a set of system in plant protection service, to improve comprehensively the accuracy and efficiency of plant protection service.


Remote sensing detection, using our professional Global Eagle Remote Sensing UAV to detect potential pest and disease areas, to obtain detail data of pest and disease.


Global Eagle Sensing Drone


2、 According to the scale and status of occurrence of pests and diseases, to connect the different characteristics of each crop, the professional project team formulates the optimal plant protection program.


Our team is making spraying programme in the field.


 Our green agri-chemical  specially for agculture drone spraying.

3、According to the above data, the professional plant protection UAV carries out precise spraying operation in the prescribed area, and it can be observed of the operation data at any time.




The trace and status of the drone can be monited.

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